North Carolina Greyhound Adoption Promotion (NCGAP) has been dissolved.

We’ve formed a new group, Rambling Hounds of the Triangle.

Rambling Hounds is a walking and social group dedicated to providing exercise and interaction for Greyhounds and other dogs of similar size and temperament (Wolfhounds, Deerhounds, Whippets, etc.) and their humans. Our goal is to offer events in locations all around the Triangle that give our members an opportunity to explore and enjoy the area.

Most events will take place the second weekend of the month, on alternating Saturdays and Sundays.

Our new group is on Facebook. If have a Facebook account and you’d like to join the group and get access to information on our events, please send an email to the NCGAP Webmaster and an invitation will be sent to your email account. We’re looking forward to having you join us!