North Carolina Greyhound Adoption Promotion (NC GAP) promotes the adoption of retired racing greyhounds as pets. While we do not adopt dogs, we work to raise awareness of these wonderful animals as companion pets and conduct programs and events that help to bridge the gap from track to home.

Join us! (link will open membership application in Adobe Acrobat format)

Become not only a best friend, but an advocate. Your membership dues, $10 annually, will be used to fund events like meet and greets, where greyhounds have an opportunity to show off their wonderful nature to potential adopters. We also educate and support, providing literature, assisting with resource access, answering questions, and volunteering our time to help grow the local greyhound community.

As a member you can be as active as you would like. You have a vote, and you can use it to guide us toward activities which will be in the best interests of the dogs. You have a network, and you can use it to find answers, share experiences, and connect with others. You have fellow volunteers, and you can work with them as much as you’d like to help these wonderful dogs find forever homes.

We also have socials, picnics, potlucks, and plenty of just-for-humans fun!